Speed up DMAC transfer

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Speed up DMAC transfer

Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:57 am

Hi guys,
I am trying to achieve maximum performace in transfering data from internal SRAM to an external Memory (FPGA device).

At the moment i get with DMAC and SMC around 100 Mbps with following configuration:
- memory2memory transfer
- mcu at 96 MHz
- 16 bit smc transfer width
- bus lock, interface lock
- dma channel 4

There is still the possibility to shrink the smc cycles but i think the dma-c is already the bottle neck.

Between every transfer cycle (chip select low) there is a small pause and after 4 pulses there is a longer pause. Hence the pauses mainly determine the datarate.

Anyone has some expierence how to tune the transfer?


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