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Cortex-M3, Asembler and Ride7 software

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:02 am
by acelink1
Hi Guys, I'm programming my Cortex-M3 in assembler using Ride7 software. This is the first time I'm using Ride7.
I assemble my program by right clicking on my program and choosing build. My program assembles with no errors but at the end of the build I get an error "fault in main". Now, main as I understand it is the main program in C but I'm not programming in C and because of this error Ride7 won't genrate the .hex file I need to upload to my Cortex-M3.
Does anyone know how to get rid of this C MAIN program?

I hope I explained it right. :)

Oh, my assembler program is a .s file and Ride7 sees it as an assembler file and not a C file. I just can't see where Ride7 is finding the C routine MAIN when I don't even have it in my program.

Pete :)