In Need of Cortex-M UI Contractor/Consultant

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In Need of Cortex-M UI Contractor/Consultant

Fri May 17, 2013 9:09 pm

My employer is currently seeking the services of a contractor/consultant with expertise in QVGA touchscreen user interface software development. The opportunity requires the ability to provide a rich user experience utilizing a Cortex-M single chip microcontroller, where RAM and Flash footprints are limited. Key decisions will include whether a third party graphical framework should be utilized, or whether it is more effective to use wholly proprietary software. A software code base with some UI features exists currently, and could be a starting point. Candidate must be able to work with a team and take responsibility for the View-Controller portion of the software, while the employer continues to support the Model portion. Familiarity with C development but using object oriented paradigms is helpful, as OO concepts are used to encapsulate and define the interface between the Model and the View-Controller.

The work looks to represent approximately 6 weeks of effort, though further scoping of the work is part of the effort. Some travel may be required, but should be limited. Being located near the northern Kentucky area a plus. Some initial consulting to begin in the month of June with the bulk of the effort to commence in late July.

More details can be provided upon execution of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Please be prepared to provide references and/or testimonials. Please provide Terms & Conditions.

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