TWI Issues on SAM3U4E

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TWI Issues on SAM3U4E

Mon Dec 29, 2014 1:08 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've got a technical issue with my Atmel SAM3U4E device.

The TWI peripheral is working correctly for approx. 1000 - 4000 write than read and verify transactions. after these amount of transactions the TWI stop working absolutely.

1. After the error occurs SDA stuck at high and SCL stuck at low.
2. No special status bits arise when this error occurs.
3. Soft reset doesn't get the module to work
4. Full reconfigure of the device (enable PMC, reset, set master mode, etc.) doesn't get the module to work.
5. complete power down and power up of the system does get the module back to work.
6. changing TWI to lower frequency doesn't fix the issue
7. Issue occurs on different hardware boards

Any help would be most appreciated
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Re: TWI Issues on SAM3U4E

Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:14 pm

Hello ARMkid,

I'm also facing the same problem which was also described here :

I'm becoming crazy and do not find any solution neither by lowering speed nor slowing exchanges.

I also do not find anything on the Internet for that problem. 

I'm using on SAM4E16E and the TWI Master mode seems to have an unknown behavior that can't be resetted except by power off...

I'm very surprised that not that much people have such problem which seems to be inevitable.

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