How using ov7670 with imager sensor interface(ISI)

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How using ov7670 with imager sensor interface(ISI)

Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:56 am

I'm a chinese student and I'm bad at English,so i will try my best to descirbe my question and let you understand.

Like the subject,recenty I try to use the sensor ov7670 with the micorcontrol of AT91SAM9G45,and I want to use the image sensor interface(ISI) to driver the sensor,and I'm using the linux kernel 3.6.19,and there are two files ov7670.c and atmel-isi.c at drivers/media/video.

So my questions is how can i combine the two interface and driver the ov7670 successfully? My previous ideal is configure ov7670 and ISI independently,but later I think this way cannot work.

And the second way is there is a driver file soc_camera.c at drivers/media/video,and I already know the ov2640 is compatible with soc_camera.c,so I want to ask whether the ov7670 is campatible with soc_camera.c too.

so if anybody know this?thank you very much.

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