ATSAM3X8E Lock Region Question

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ATSAM3X8E Lock Region Question

Wed Jan 07, 2015 6:40 pm

I’m experiencing an issue with an ATSAM3X8E processor in my design.  I have developed code for handling TFT display events and a timer interrupt based PWM for an injector control as separate standalone programs for test.  When I merged the two together, working towards a production image, somehow a lock bit was set; Lock Region 16.  I am unable to clear the bit with any tools available SAMBA, atbackend or Studio 6.2.  Even driving the erase pin low will not reset the lock region.

I seem to have found a way to put the processor in an unrecoverable state where the only fix is replacement.  I've done this to two production boards and need help to understand how this happened.  The boards have otherwise been fully functional.

Is there a known issue?

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