Problem Understanding Atmel ATSAM3X Checklist Notes

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Problem Understanding Atmel ATSAM3X Checklist Notes

Fri Jan 30, 2015 4:12 pm

Hi @all,
I'm reading and checking a Layout I've made for a Board cause I have trouble with USB Connection. In The ATmel Notes ... T03462.pdf I found:
The UOTGVBOF and UOTGID pins are multiplexed with I/O Controller lines and may also be multiplexed with lines of other peripherals. In order to use them with the USB, the user must first configure the I/O Controller to assign them to their USB peripheral functions.
a. If UOTGID is used, the I/O Controller must be configured to enable the internal pull-up resistor of its pin.
b. If UOTGVBOF or UOTGID is not used by the application, the corresponding pin can be used for other purposes by the I/O Controller or by other peripherals.
Okey... I'm not Native English, but I understand much and this is over my top...
I have PB11 connected to USBid with Varistor (CG0603MLC-05E 5V 0,5pf 50nA) tied to Ground and D+/D- with Varistor to gnd and DHSDP/DHSDM. With 39R1% they are connected to the right DFSD* Pin.

My problem is understanding "configure I/O Controller". Does it mean Erase Chip and Reset to load Sam-ba to Flash or do I first have to plug something by JTAG or so to set the right fuses/bits/whatever?

Help me solving my confusion is very much appreciated. ;)


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