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Windows driver to serial communication with Atmel sam 3A4C

Posted: Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:25 am
by matanfly

I have developed a product base on Atmel sam 3A4C, but under arduino framework (I added new board to arduino environment that act like Arduino due, but with Atmel sam 3a4c instead of 3x8e). It works well, and I am about to release the first version, but serial communication is pose a problem for my right now.

The serial communication works perfectly, but windows recognize it as Arduino due (although it's not the same microcontroller) gives it a serial port and I can have communication over this port.

I want to have my company name instead of the Arduino due. I understood I need to change the vid and pid of my product and did it by make random vid for now (I'll buy a valid vid when it'll work). But now I need to change or create new Windows drivers that work the same as Arduino due drivers, but with different name.

I looked on arduino.inf file in the driver folder, and tried to add another device (added it under Strings, DeviceList, DeviceList.NTamd64) with the same settings as arduino due, but with different name and vid/pid. It failed. I tried to use arduino vid/pid and change just the name in arduino.inf due settings but it's also failed. Windows show me a message that the new driver exist with the name I wrote, but refuse to use the new driver. I guess because it's not under right verification but don't really know what is the next step.

I am using windows 8.1
Arduino 1.5.8 (with many changes to make it work with the 3a4c and atmel-ICE)

So any idea how to create custom windows drivers?

Thanks a lot in advance:)