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Changing the Baud Rate for ISO 7816 after ATR

Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2016 4:54 pm
by Benk
Hi All,
I'm using SAM3SD8 and simulating an ISO 7816 Slave.
I use Fi/Di of 372 for the ATR (TA1 = 0x11) and the system works properly.

Now i'm trying to increase the Baud Rate after the ATR is sent at the default BR of 9600 bps. as I understood from the Standard, if I set
a different value at TA1, (and also modified TA2 to 0x10 & TC1 to 0x2), and now I expect the Smart card Reader will change the Usart's BR.

Am I missing anything? is there any example of setting non-default value for the ATR here in the forum.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ben K.

Re: Changing the Baud Rate for ISO 7816 after ATR

Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2016 4:24 pm
by Benk
After setting an ATR of a working SIM card ("3B9D96801FC48031E073FE21005553696D676FA7") I was able to trigger the ME to start the PPS (responsible for the protocol parameters change).
I sent the received bytes as suggested by the ISO 7816-3 as an acknowledge, and the ME indeed increased the baud rate (according to my ATR it went up to ~230400 bps).

my problem now is how to re-config the usart parameters, since it's already running at the initial configuration, but this is a different issue... :?