SAM-BA2.16 applte NandFlashConfigureDmaChannels question

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SAM-BA2.16 applte NandFlashConfigureDmaChannels question

Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:19 am

hello ~~~ :)

as the link :discussions/viewtopic.php/t,25666.html
it is looks like the surface phenomenon for my system that i compare my custom board or ATSAM 9xx5-EK board
the defferencer between them both.
1) my custom board NANDFLASH S.N is MT29F2G08ABAEAWP,ATSAM 9xx5-EK NANDFLASH is MT29F2G08AAD on board.
just changed this NANDFLASH .

now i look at the SAM-BA2.16 that it is directory at :C:\Program Files\Atmel\sam-ba_2.16\applets\sam9x5\sam-ba_applets\nandflash\main.c open and editor the main.c file .
i try add some TRACE_INFO in the file. and make it show the program towards by the DEBUG usart.
I find the applte code is execut correct the all the program is decent run to the end of applte.
but the applte code return is error ,the "pMailbox->command" is changed a random value .
i tracking the pMailbox->command value that it is executed after the NandFlashConfigureDmaChannels. the pMailbox->command has bee changed ..

Code: Select all

 if ( NandFlashConfigureDmaChannels( &dmad ))/*executed there after the pMailbox->command has been changed*/
                pMailbox->status =APPLET_DEV_UNKNOWN;
                goto exit;

however ! i test the NAND FLASH by AT91SAM softpack demo,the demo is running and test ok !

Code: Select all

 i cut out there information sectional as show :
Nandflash ID is 0x9590DA2C 
-I- Size of th
e whole device in bytes : 0x10000000 
 Size in bytes of one single block of a device : 0x20000 
-I- Number 
of blocks in the entire devi
ce : 0x800 
-I- Size of the
 data area of 
a page in byte
s : 0x800 
-I- Number of pa
ges in one blo
ck : 0x40 
-I- Initialize
 DMA done.
-I- Erase bloc
k 10 
-I- Write block 10 
-I- Raw block write speed 6553K/s
-I- Read block 10 
-I- Raw block Read speed 10922K/s
i do not konw waht happen for the "NandFlashConfigureDmaChannels( &dmad )) "and occur the ERROR .
i try to add the program stack but them is enough. so i can not find any way ...

i am sorry that my english is bad and i lam earnning it .please forgive me ..

tks all help ... :) :) :) :)

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