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You have virus in that packet software Atmel Software

Posted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:43 pm
by danmen
You have virus n that packet software Atmel Software Framework 3.19 !!!
It destroy my computer.
When I download it again the avast untivirus detect it …
My question is – is that virus is important in your software ?
Thank all .
We appreciate it and your developments .


Note: ASF in Atmel Studio does not require a specific download. Use Atmel Studio Extension Manager (Tools->Extension Manager) or visit Atmel Gallery to update ASF in Atmel Studio.

Atmel Software Framework 3.19
(273 MB, updated August 2014)
Standalone package for megaAVR, AVR XMEGA, AVR UC3 and SAM users for GCC and IAR.