error in log file

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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error in log file

Fri Jun 12, 2009 7:37 am

hi, I am working with AT91SAM9263-EK board.while loading the program via the USB cable it is showing error in log file showing that it is having error with script file.How can we open the script file with the extension of .tcl and here i have details go through this please..

-I- Waiting ...
connection : \usb\ARM0
board : AT91SAM9263-EK
target(handle) : 17590184
read chip ID : 0x019607A1 at addr: 0xFFFFEE40
-I- Found processor : AT91SAM9263 (0x019607A0)
-I- Loading applet isp-extram-at91sam9263.bin at address 0x301000
-I- Memory Size : 0x4000000 bytes
-I- Buffer address : 0x3024D4
-I- Buffer size: 0x0 bytes
-I- Applet initialization done
-I- External RAM initialized
script file : prog_sdram.tcl
-E- Script File prog_sdram.tcl returned error : invalid command name "SDRAM::initSDRAM_100" - invalid command name "SDRAM::initSDRAM_100"
while executing
(file "prog_sdram.tcl" line 10)
invoked from within
"source $scriptFile"

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