Embest Industrial arm developmen board for SAM-BA

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Embest Industrial arm developmen board for SAM-BA

Wed Sep 09, 2009 7:21 am

The SBC9261-I supports extended temperature operation, and comes pre-loded with a Linux 2.6-based kernel, YAFFS filesystem, and Wince6.0 BSP.

The SBC9261-I uses Atmel's interesting AT91SAM9261 ,the AT91SAM9261 uses ARM's ARM926EJ-S core clocked at 200MHz,
with 16KB each of instruction and data cache. It also boasts 16KB of on-chip SRAM and 32KB of flash, and offers an external bus interface with controllers for SDRAM, NAND Flash, and CompactFlash. Furthermore, it integrates a host of on-chip
peripheral interfaces.

The arm development board operates from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius (without backup battery), though individual
components are claimed to be "industrial grade" parts good between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius.

Specifications listed include:
141.4 x 109.5 mm (expansion board)
67.6 x 47 mm (CPU board)
Power supply +5V
Atmel AT91SAM9261S (ARM926EJ-S core, Capable of 200MHz operation)
128MB NandFlash (256MB for option)
4MB SPI Serial DataFlash
4MB NorFlash ( 8MB for option)
1Kbit EEPROM (DS2431)
4 Serial ports
CAN 1 x CAN2.0 interface
SPI 1 x SPI interface (multiplex with CAN interface)
10/100Mbps Ethernet port (RJ45)
USB 2 x USB2.0 Host and 1 x USB Device
LCD interface (TFT)
Touch panel 4-channel 12-bit ADC
VGA interface
4 x 4 keyboard interface
SD card socket
JTAG 20-pin standard JTAG slot
Audio input and output
Battery backed RTC
13 GPIOs
2 LEDs
2 Power indicators
4 Buttons
On the software side, the SBC9261-I comes with the Linux 2.6.24 kernel,YAFFS filesystem, and application software.

More details can be found here.

Embest Info&Tech Co., LTD. (China HQ)
Room 509, Luohu Science Building
#85 Taining Rd., Shenzhen, Guangdong
China 518020
Tel: 0086-755-25635656, 25636285
Fax: 0086-755-25616057
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Support Email: support@embedinfo.com or EmbestEmbest@yahoo.com
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