Error programming Dataflash&NAND flash in SAMBA tcl script

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Error programming Dataflash&NAND flash in SAMBA tcl script

Fri Jan 08, 2010 6:14 pm

Dear All

I wrote/copied a tcl script, but it stops functioning at NANDFLASH::Init. I use SAM-BA 2.9 for executing the tcl script.

After programming the DATAFLASH it looks like the processor ID has changed and is not valid anymore. And therefore
the NANDFLASH::Init fails. Why has the processor ID changed?

The Nand-flash seems to function fine , cause I'm able to program it via FTP in uboot. But I want to be able to program the dataflash and nandflash via USB.

Thanks in advance, Frank

Part of the script:
puts "-I- === Initialize the DataFlash access ==="
DATAFLASH::SelectDataflash AT91C_SPI0_CS0

puts "-I- === Erase all the DataFlash blocs and test the erasing ==="

puts "-I- === Load the bootstrap: dataflash_at91sam9263ek in the first sector ==="
DATAFLASH::SendBootFile $bootstrapFile

puts "-I- === Load the u-boot in the next sectors ==="
send_file {DataFlash AT45DB/DCB} "$ubootFile" $ubootAddr 0

puts "-I- === Load the u-boot environment variables ==="
set fh [open "$ubootEnvFile" w]
fconfigure $fh -translation binary
puts -nonewline $fh [set_uboot_env u_boot_variables]
close $fh
send_file {DataFlash AT45DB/DCB} "$ubootEnvFile" $ubootEnvAddr 0

puts "-I- === Initialize the NAND access ==="

puts "-I- === Erase all the NAND flash blocs and test the erasing ==="

puts "-I- === Load the Kernel image ==="
send_file {NandFlash} "$kernelFile" $kernelAddr 0

puts "-I- === Load the linux file system ==="
send_file {NandFlash} "$rootfsFile" $rootfsAddr 0

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