Using a TFT on AT91SAM9261ek (Olimex) with SAMba

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Using a TFT on AT91SAM9261ek (Olimex) with SAMba

Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:25 pm

I was stuck at the begining without the possibility to use samba... until I plugged and then unplugged the screen. For now I've able to use samba and to boot linux, but only with the screen unplugged.

It seems like SDRAM is not accessible after the plug (rebooting the board gives me on DBGU : load 0x0xx on SDRAM 0x0xx and it stays stuck there, Samba fails after 10sec, and Windows/Linux told me the driver was unknow - but without the TFT, no probs with driver-). As soon as I unplug, and reboot, it boots. Plugging the screen during the boot (I know, not a good idea) gave me an image, with linux pingouin or uboot screen from olimex... but it fails.

So I'm here, doing lot of things but without the screen.

My questions :

-- Is this hardware problem?
-- Is this a kind of config in the bootstrap?
-- Did I plug the screen wrong?
-- Is there a trick with the memory?

I was not able to find proper doc on this LCD, except pdf provided by Olimex on CD, which only deals with hardware compatibility.

Any help would be appreciated !

Thx for reading!


-I- Waiting ...
-I- TCL platform : Linux
-I- SAM-BA CDC 2.9 rc6 on : linux
-I- Retrieved arguments from command line :
-I- argv 0 : /dev/ttyUSB0
-I- argv 1 : AT91SAM9261-EK
-I- argv 2 : ./sam9_l9261_demo_linux.tcl
-I- Connection : /dev/ttyUSB0 (target(comType) = 1)
-I- Board : at91sam9261-ek
-I- Traces Level : 4
-I- target(handle) : file5
Read device Chip ID at 0xfffff240 --- get 0x019703a0
-I- Found processor : at91sam9261 (Chip ID : 0x019703a0)
-I- External RAM Settings : extRamVdd=1, extRamType=0, extRamDataBusWidth=32, extDDRamModel=0
-I- Loading applet isp-extram-at91sam9261.bin at address 0x301000
-E- Error during external RAM initialization.
-E- External RAM access is required to run applets.

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