AT91SAM9G20 NAND upload via USB with SAM-BA often fails.Why?

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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AT91SAM9G20 NAND upload via USB with SAM-BA often fails.Why?

Thu Oct 14, 2010 8:43 am

Hello. We've already done 3 designs based on AT91SAM9G20 and now going to our first mass production. To faster the manufacturing we need to upload the code into NAND memory through USB cable.
The problem is what this process is very unstable. Some PCs (we're using WinXP only) can't upload the code at all. Others do but very often fail to complete writing. When I look into the *.log file produced by Sam-ba I see stops on this line (more often):
-I- === Erase all the NAND flash blocs and test the erasing ===
-I- GENERIC::EraseAll

Sometimes it goes thurther and stops while memory programming of 2,3,5... block.
With rev.B CPUs We see such problems more often.
While last 2 days we've checked power supplies, ripple, termination resistors (on USB), 18.432MHz frequency, 32.768KHz frequency. Nothing affects to the boards behavior. Some PCs are working better, others can upload no any board.

We have here SAM-ICE debugger. With use of it everything is running nice and I saw no one mistake. The problem is what we have just one debugger.

Questions: please advice where could be a problem with downloading through USB with use of SAM-BA? How to make the process stable?
Maybe this is a Hardware problem? Please share your experience (who use it) are you using such writing or not.

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