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Atmel ARM Programming Questions

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 9:48 pm
by dazellerington
Hello All,

Very new to the ARM world. I'm currently used to Atmel AVRs and PICs.
I'm very keen to get into ARMs over the summer...

I've got some stupid questions.
How does one actually program an AT91? I don't want to run linux on it (not initially anyway or boot from an SD card, etc)
are there In-Circuit programmers available?
Is there a universal programmer that does most of them (equivalent to something like an Atmel ISP-MKII?)
What is the connection from the computer (e.g. can it be connected with an FTDI interface , etc)?

As I'm used to AVR-GCC Plus Eclipse under both Linux and Windows and would want to use a similar setup; ARM-GCC + Eclipse. Primarily under Linux.

Thanks for your help.