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IAR compiler

Posted: Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:05 am
by cgenetet

I'm currently working on an embedded software, and to speed up the loading of the program onto the device, i have to separate the image from the code. I would like to upload the image first then the code, ( the code uses the images ).
I thought of 2 solutions :
The first is to upload the images ( BMP files ) as whole onto the nandflash, then use pointer to retreive the images.
The second is to compile the images and the code separately. Is it possible to link 2 different compiler output like that ? I have look around on the internet and i have not found anything usefull yet. Has anyone done that before ?

Thanks in advance.

Note : i am not a programming specialist ( i am a telecommunication engineer ), so embedded programming is very new to me.