Problem with futurlec controller and ET-CAP programmer....

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Problem with futurlec controller and ET-CAP programmer....

Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:14 pm

Hello. This is probably the wrong forum, but I will give it a shot anyway. If anyone has any knowledge of such controller board(s) or programmer, please assist -- thanks. This is an email I wrote to futurlec, but have not yet received an answer.

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I recently ordered the AVR stamp as well as the AtMega controller board.

I received them yesterday, and I am not able to program the stamp using PonyProg. The documentation I received is shown for the ATMega64, instead of the ATMega128.

Anyway, I am able to read the device (I think), it shows all FFFF's in the memory area, but when I program, it says "write failed". I notice that yellow PGM light illuminates on a few times very quickly when programming. I calibrated the device Ok, and set the configuration bits to be the same as the ATMega64, like the instructions show how, but it still doesn't work.

Another question I had, is that the documentation seemed to indicate that I could program the stamp module without another external power source, but without providing an external power source, I was not even able to read from the device. I got device not connected error or something similar. The documentation was not very clear English, so it was kind of hard to tell. I made my own external power supply from some schematics I found online using a 12VAC transformer and a 7805 regulator -- is there a recommended configuration for this?

Also, WinAVR and AVRStudio both do not seem to support the PonyProg/Parallel port settings internally. Is there a setting equivalent to the ET-CAP10P programmer in either of these programs so I can build and debug my device?

Can I use the ET-CAP10P to program my AtMega controller board as well, or is it only for the AVRStamp board? Do I need to buy or make more hardware for this?



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