Getting sample to flash a SAM7X256

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Getting sample to flash a SAM7X256

Wed Oct 17, 2007 3:37 pm

The example code with the included c++ project OLE_without_MFC is designed to program the SAM7S256 chip. I modified some of the methods so it calls the flash for the SAM7X256 chip that I have. The program executes without error but does not actually program anything. I'm wondering if there is something else I have to do. For instance the sample programs the EFC_FMR register. I'm wondering if this command needs to be a different value or different memory address for the 7X256. Any help would be appreciated.

pAT91BootDLL->AT91Boot_Write_Int(h_handle, PROG_FMR, 0xFFFFFF60, &error_code);

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