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BUG in block's padding data when send_file

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:34 pm
by edwone
Hi , all:
I 've found a bug in SAMBA.
I erase out the whole nand chip(Samsung K9F1208UOC that has a write page size of 512 and an erase size of 16384 ) , and run the following scripts to burn the linux kernel.
send_file {NandFlash} "d:/fordel/webs/uImage" 0x80000 0
The uImage 's size is 1,431,472 bytes (0x15d7b0 bytes). Apparently, the uImage file is not block size (16K) aligned.
I think that on the nand ,the last block(size 16K)'s contents in the uImage's range should be padded with all 0xffffffff's .But in fact , it 's not as it ought to be. The last block's padding area is full of data that is same with the second last block's tail.
Is it a bug ? I think it must be.