Cannot write to DataFlash or NandFlash

Microchip in-system programming solution: SAM-BA

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Cannot write to DataFlash or NandFlash

Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:36 pm

Hi, I am using SAM-BA v2.8 running under windows XP to communicate with a AT91SAM9G20-EK. I am trying to load a boot file into NandFlash or DataFlash and cannot do either. I have no problem connecting to the board via USB and I can load an application into SDRAM at 0x20000000 and then execute it by using the TCL "go 0x20000000" command. When trying to load a boot file into NandFlash I first install the jumper to enable the NandFlash chipselect. Then I select the NANDFlash tab and execute the enable NandFlash operation. The next step I take is to execute the "Send Boot File" command. The following appears in the TCLShell after the "Send Boot File "command completes:
GENERIC::SendFile C:/AT91SAM9G20/Eval_Board/AT91Bootstrap/nandflash_at91sam9g20ek.bin at address 0x0
-I- File size : 0xFD0 byte(s)
-I- Writing: 0xFD0 bytes at 0x0 (buffer addr : 0x200047EC)
-I- 0xFD0 bytes written by applet
(AT91-ISP v1.12) 2 %

After completing the steps described above I examine the contents of NandFlash at address 0x0 and they have not changed from their original values prior to sending the boot file, but the boot file seems to have been written into SDRAM at address location 0x200047EC, as indicated by the message displayed in the TCLSh. Do I have to execute another TCL command to move the file contents from SDRAM into NandFlash?

Thanks in advance for any and all help that I receive.

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