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Custom AT91SAM9260 based board with 16 bits wide SDRAM-FLASH

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:42 pm
by Danny Gilbert
Hello !

I just start yesterday to learn how to modify TCL scripts behind SAM-BA. I have a custom board with a Micron MCP memory (NandFlash and SDRAM). Both use 16-bits wide BUS at 133 MHz. What I need to do in the NandFlash.tcl and the SDRAM.tcl files ?

I already remove AT91C_SMC_DBW_WIDTH_EIGTH_BITS in the NandFlash.tcl file but I don't know if it is enough.
I need to validate the hardware. I saw in other thread (post) that I need to configure (initialize) SDRAM before asking
the manufacturer ID of the Flash.

Thank you.