AT91SAM7SE256 strange Flash Programming Issue

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AT91SAM7SE256 strange Flash Programming Issue

Sun Mar 01, 2009 11:41 am

Hi all,
I am facing a very strange issue with SAM7SE256 chip regarding ISP flash programming.

I have connected the AT91SAM7SE256 to a custom board and communicated with the chip
after erasing it.
The observations are
1) I am able to communicate to the SAM-BA boot firmware inside the chip after erase
2) The Chip is successfully giving back character ">" after auto baud in reply to hex characters 0x80,0x80 and 0x23 (#).
3) I am able to read the software revision (1.4 December 12) of the SAM-BA firmware inside the chip
4) I am able to read and write RAM locations of the chip using the procedure described in the datasheet, but flash programming using AT91-ISP v1.10,AT91-ISP v1.11 does not work. AT91-ISP v1.12 hangs after board detect command.
5) Another Chip, AT91SAM7SE512 successfully programs using ISP on the same board
I am able to communicate with the SAM-BA firmware using terminal software, which means that the port setup and communication hardware is intact. I am not further getting any clue to continue finding the bug.
please help if anyone has gone through similar situation

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