SAM4E16E Quadrature (QDEC) example

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SAM4E16E Quadrature (QDEC) example

Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:47 am

Hi guys,

I have been confused about the QDEC decoders in the SAM4E series.
Atmels documentation is faulty (acknowledged).
Contacted Atmel support and finally solved this issue.
Wanted to share 3 QDEC example code with you.
(Works on the SAM4E-EK)

The 100 Pins package has 1 QDEC
The 144 Pins package has 3 QDEC's

Please leave a message when you used this example.
Sam4E16E 144 pins 3 QDEC
SAM4E16E 144 pins, 3 QDEC example code
(4.55 KiB) Downloaded 234 times
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Re: SAM4E16E Quadrature (QDEC) example

Tue Sep 16, 2014 10:54 pm

You are my hero!  It works, we spent weeks with 2 people trying to get this figured out.  Yes the documentation is bad, and atmel support hadn't been helpful yet.  Thanks for posting something that works!

We were very close, the only difference I can see is that we had 
sysclk_enable_peripheral_clock after tc_init.  

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