Atmel doc43052 “PLC Coupling Reference Designs”

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Atmel doc43052 “PLC Coupling Reference Designs”

Thu Apr 09, 2015 12:35 pm

Greetings everyone,
this topic is not 100% M4 related but this was the closest I could find given the Atmel products involved (ATPA230A and the ATSAM4CP16B).

I'm currently going up the learning curve on the topic of power line communication (PLC) and while reading the Atmel ATPA230A data sheet, a document numbered 43052 (Atmel doc43052 “PLC Coupling Reference Designs”) is mentioned but I've never been able to locate it on the Atmel web site.

Since I'm not familiar with the power line interfacing aspects into either a PLC enabled micro controller or the separate PHY only module (the ATPA230A) I was looking forward to seeing some typical designs and learn more about them.

Anyone out there that could share some experience with the above PLC interfacing aspects or point me to documentation/books? Or maybe a link to this mysterious doc 43052 document? ;-)

Thanks in advance for any pointers!
- Rob
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Re: Atmel doc43052 “PLC Coupling Reference Designs”

Thu Oct 26, 2017 10:38 pm

Just registered to ask if you ever got your hands on this document. I can't find it either. Would be glad if you could pass any information along to me...

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