bootloader example for SAM4E

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bootloader example for SAM4E

Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:47 pm


i want to implement a bootloader for my project. It's the first time doing something like this so i'm not completely sure yet how to do it. I've read the AppNote "safe and secure bootloader implementation" but the example is only for SAM3.. is it the same for SAM4E?
Do I have to create the bootloader as a seperate project or do i just implement it into my current?
I have a lwip stack running in my application with modbus. I want to transfer the firmware over ethernet, but i guess the lwip stack would be to big to directly implement it into the bootloader.. Can I just write the firmware within the application and then reboot and "update"?

Would be very very nice if someone could help me with my questions. Thanks!

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