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RX_DV from SAMA5 GMAC connected to RX_DV of PHY

Posted: Wed Jan 14, 2015 8:22 pm
by AbhishekJain
Customer has connected RX_DV from PHY to RX_DV of SAMA5 GMAC on there board using a different PHY then what we have on Xplained schematic where we have RX_DV from PHY connected to RX_ERR. 

From Atmel GMAC application note i understand that RX_DV can be connected to RX_ERR as well as RX_DV so this should not matter. 

Please comment. Customer is using RGMII mode and facing issues in getting it up and running, i am trying to figure out if this is the cause and what changes i need to make in the IAR Xplained example code ( provided on Atmel website ) and Linux driver to accommodate this change. 


Customer does not have any Interrupt line from PHY to MAC like in our Xplained Micrel PHY. Do we need to make any change in the IAR Xplained Example code provided on Atmel website and Linux drivers.