Booting sama5d35 from NAND256W3A

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Booting sama5d35 from NAND256W3A

Fri Jul 03, 2015 12:28 pm

Hello, Friends!

I have NAND256W3A chip on SAMA5D35 based board. The problem is to boot from NAND256W3A flash. This is some u-boot info for nand:
U-Boot 2015.04 (Jun 30 2015 - 17:12:40)

Crystal frequency: 12 MHz
CPU clock : 528 MHz
Master clock : 132 MHz
DRAM: 128 MiB
NAND: NAND chip is not ONFI compliant, assume ecc_bits is 2 in 512 bytesUnsupported page size for PMECC, use Software ECC
32 MiB
MMC: mci: 0
mci: setting clock 257309 Hz, block size 512
mci: setting clock 257309 Hz, block size 512
mci: setting clock 257309 Hz, block size 512
mci: setting clock 44000000 Hz, block size 512
reading uboot.env
In: serial
Out: serial
Err: serial
Net: gmac0
Error: gmac0 address not set.
, macb0
Error: macb0 address not set.
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
U-Boot> nand info

Device 0: nand0, sector size 16 KiB
Page size 512 b
OOB size 16 b
Erase size 16384 b
I use u-boot to flash boot.bin like here: linux4sam/bin/view/Linux4SAM/AT91Bootst ... h_AT91Boot This method works well, tested on sama5d3xek board with the same bootloader.

The problem I think is in contents of NAND Flash Specific Header.
My nand assure part of configuration:
sectors per page: 1
spare (OOB) size: 16 bytes
sector size: 512
The rest parameters I'm not sure I tried: PMECC on/off, eccBitReq i tryed 2 and 4, eccOffset 36 (don't know why).


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