A5D36 - SAM-BA 2.15/2.16 PMECC not working

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A5D36 - SAM-BA 2.15/2.16 PMECC not working

Tue May 10, 2016 8:05 am


we've made a custom board with the SAMA5D36 with the following configuration:

- DDR2, 32Bit, 256MByte
- NAND, 16Bit, 256MByte, 1Bit ECC required
- CPU Clk 12MHz
- bootstrap in external serial flash

i can send big binary-files(40MByte) to the external DDR2-RAM and read back the correct binary via SAM-BA ... so IMHO: DDR2 OK!

i can program the bootstrap in the spi-flash via SAM-BA 2.15/2.16 and the bootstrap is starting ... so IMHO: bootstrap OK!

- i can program any binary file to the NAND with 1bit ECC and/or without any ECC correction via SAM-BA ... so IMHO: electrical connections, wiring and timing to the flash seems to be OK!
-> BUT: when i want to program any binary to the NAND by using the PMECC (doesn't matter which parameters i'm using ... and i tested all of them :?) the "RawNandFlash.c" applet stucks during programming

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-I- PMECC Header configuration command
-I-     Configure paramHeader to c0902405.
-I-     Nandflash PMECC nbSectorPerPage is 2
-I-     Nandflash PMECC spareSize is 64
-I-     Nandflash PMECC eccBitReq is 4
-I-     Nandflash PMECC sectorSize is 0
-I-     Nandflash PMECC eccOffset is 36
-I-     Nandflash PMECC currentPmeccHeaderValue is c0902405
-I-     End of applet (command : 15 --- status : 0)
-I- SEND FILE command
-I- Pmecc initialized
-I- WRITE arguments : offset 0x40000, buffer at 0x20010e48, of 0x20000 Bytes
-I- WRITE at block 0x2, page 0x0, offset 0x0
-D- RdPg(B#2:P#0)
-D- RdPg(B#2:P#1)
-D- RawNandFlash_EraseBlock(B#2)
-D- EraseBlock(2)
-D- RdPg(B#2:P#0)
-D- RdPg(B#2:P#1)
-D- EccNandFlash_WritePage(B#2:P#0)
-D- RawNandFlash_WritePage(B#2:P#0)
-D- WritePage(B#2:P#0)

i dug in the SAM-BA applet sources and for me it seems that the applet may freezes in "sam-ba_2.15(6)\applets\sama5d3x\libraries\libnandflash\source\RawNandFlash.c", line 513 where the core is waiting for the PMECC to get finished

Code: Select all

i'm a bit confused, because it seems that nobody else (regarding to googles search-results) is having similiar issues with the SAM-BA programming ... so maybe the nandflash-applet isn't the reason for my problem?!

-> any ideas or recommendations, etc... thx!!!!!

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Re: A5D36 - SAM-BA 2.15/2.16 PMECC not working

Wed Jun 08, 2016 8:06 am

found it ... we tried to use a 16bit flash for faster access, but unfortunately the PMECC can handle only 8bit wide flash-bus-interface
with an 8bit micron-flash it works out-of-the-box :wink:

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