sama5d31ek audio problem

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sama5d31ek audio problem

Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:58 am

Hi all

I'm working on SAMA5D31-EK (SAMA5D3x-CM_rev.E, SAMA5D3x-MB REV.C) with wm8904 audo codec.
I got the kernel from git:// , commit:8e82ac9.
when I test audio by using aplay of alsa, playback works correctly along with various frame rate(8k, 16k, 32k).
But I test arecord, frame rate doesn't apply. when I set 8000 rate, wav header is 8000 rate but pcm data is recorded at around 28000 so if I modify wav header from 8000 to 28000, it made proper sound when I play it.
16k, 32k ls also not working right.
I checked the wm8904 register settings for frame rate, it was correct.

I'm tring to figure out the reason. but not easy for me.
maybe I need to check ssc driver also.
I'm not sure the kernel version is right for this board.
should i patch something or change kernel version?

any advice will be helpful to me.

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