SAMA5D31 Booting with external oscilator

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SAMA5D31 Booting with external oscilator

Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:51 am

Hi, I have a board SAMA5D31EK that is programmed with bootloaders etc to boot linux. The board is fitted with 12MHz crystal and boots fine.

Due to some EMI issues, I want to replace the crystal with a spread spectrum oscillator. I have done the modification to the hardware and can measure the spread clock on the XIN pin of SAM, but SAMA5D31 remains in "Romboot" and the SAM-BA port is not active.

Is there something else I am missing with this?

Is it in fact possible to use a SS Osc? It is mentioned in the AN as given below: ... n-Note.pdf

What must be done with the XOUT pin?

Hope someone can help urgently, I have test lab booked for Thursday and it would be a waste not to test this.


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