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op-tee, smc, and me

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:55 pm
by kpn87
I was recently brought onto a team that is using a ATSAMA5D21C-CU in a proprietary device. I have been working on enabling op-tee and seem to have hit a roadblock.

I am able to boot at91bootstrap -> u-boot -> op-tee -> linux, and all that works fine. But when the optee driver loads everything hangs. After some digging, I am seeing that when the kernel driver makes a call to arm_smccc_smc then the whole board just goes to lunch.

If I build smc support into u-boot, and make an smc call directly from the u-boot console then I get the same behavior.

I also have a ticket open with the op-tee folks that has some additional information:

Any and all help is greatly appreciated