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Using low-power mode in CAN

Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2020 1:11 pm
by haerg

I am using SAMA5D3 and trying to utilize CAN low-power mode, which is documented in data sheet under place 46.7.5.

The problem is the following:
1) I initialize the CAN similarly than in linux4sam implementation.
2) 11 consecutive recessive bits on the bus.
3) Read CAN_SR and see that WAKEUP signal is now 1.
4) Set LPM field in CAN_MR. (and read CAN_MR and see that LPM is really set.)
5) WAKEUP goes back to 0 and SLEEP is also 0. Which can cause that WAKEUP goes back to 0 without SLEEP going to 1? Something seems to happen when LPM bit is set.

I highly appreciate all the answers! Thank you!