how to restore sam r21 atsamr21g18a to factory bootloader

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how to restore sam r21 atsamr21g18a to factory bootloader

Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:51 pm


1> how do I restore a sam r21 xpro board back to its factory bootloader image
using atmel studio, device programming and the edbg port?
could someone please provide the source code?

2> Is there a SAM-BA (bootloader application) for atsamr21g18a?

3> can restoring a bootloader only be done via jtag ? can it be done via edbg port on the board from atmel studio?

4> what register values, reset values, etc.,. differentiates a common bootloader from an embedded bootloader?

5> after programming the device with the bootloader image, do I need to program the applications from a specific memory location to prevent the bootloader from being overwritten?

6> is it possible to copy the contents from flash from one working sam r21 xpro board to another and get the second board to work?

7> does the sam t21 xpro have separate areas in the flash for the bootloader program ?

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