SAML21 digital output low

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SAML21 digital output low

Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:09 am

Dear all,

I am trying to connect SAML21 to another chip via UART, but i am not quite sure about the output low-level voltage. The max VOL of L21 is 0.2Vdd, that is 0.5 when Vdd equals 2.5V. The typ value is 0.1Vdd, 0.25V. The other side VIL is 0.36, which is lower than 0.5V, but higher than 0.25V.

The datasheet says the VOL is related to the chip current. The question is, can i connect the two pins correctly? Or if there is a graph gives the relationship between the chip current and VOL?

Looking forward to your reply!


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