Manual reset via JTAG instructions

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Manual reset via JTAG instructions

Tue Jun 09, 2015 2:52 pm

Hello, I am trying to perform a manual reset of the SAMA5D3Xplained board via the JTAG interface.
The board needs to be reset by writing to a register in the DAP instead of using the usual reset input.
AFAIK I have to use DPACC and APACC accesses to write to debug registers as described in IHI0031C_debug_interface_as.pdf.
This debug register should be DBGPRCR, Device Powerdown and Reset Control Register, as mentioned in DDI0406C_C_arm_architecture_reference_manual.pdf
.What I do not know is which AP and which scan chain to select for the access to this register.
Is it the MEM-AP, and if yes, at which AP number do I have to access it (value in SELECT.APSEL)?
Thank You for Your help.

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