SAMA5D27 tamper

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SAMA5D27 tamper

Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:07 am

Is there an application note to describe the entire tamper circuit or test application to demonstrate the configuration and functionality?

The Yocto distribution does not seem to have support for the tamper circuits with a driver or test application.

On the SAMA5D27 SOM1 Kit1 the PIOBU pins are brought to J31, but there does not seem to be a related application note.

The data sheet 60001476B that provides a block diagram, general functionality, and register definitions, but not the internal circuitry. There are a variety of ancillary aspects to tamper that are mentioned in the datasheet, but not detailed. There is a document 44095 that provides more details, but is still incomplete.

The concern is that there are subtle aspects of the functionality that are not fully described.
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Re: SAMA5D27 tamper

Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:24 am

Trivet wrote:Is there an application note ...
The data sheet 60001476B ...
Apparently you overlooked the following in section 13:
Secure debug modes are described in the document SAMA5D2 External Tamper Protections, document no. 44095. Contact a Microchip sales representative for further details.
and again in section 64:
For information specific to dynamic tamper protection (PIOBU), refer to the document "SAMA5D2 External Tamper Protections"(document no. 44095).


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