Touchscreen Calibrator.apk crashes on SAMA5D4

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Touchscreen Calibrator.apk crashes on SAMA5D4

Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:58 am


I am using the Android4SAM 4.4 prebuilt binaries with the TM4301 LCD.
The touchscreen is expected to be calibrated by the user after the first android boot so when I touch the screen the pointer is shown with a bright dot.

I have built the Anroid source code for
I looked for a way to calibrate the touchscreen. I have found the out/target/product/sama5d4/system/app/Calibrate.apk.
But it will always crashes in the end of calibration.
A further look into the adb logcat prints showed that the onTouch() listener gets ZERO X and Y values.
In the apk source code I could see that it tries to read those values from

But these files will always show zero no matter the touchscreen presses.

What is the proper way to calibrate the touch then?

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