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Generate SAMA5D4_Xplained SDK for windows with Yocto

Posted: Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:10 pm
by berRSF

is there a way to generate a SDK for windows (to use with qtcreator) with yocto for the SAMA5D4_Xplained ?
So far, I was able to deploy the SDK for ubuntu but then I tried to add meta-mingw to my bblayers and add "SDKMACHINE=i686-mingw" to my conf and it fails when building qt5 base.
After some research it seems that I need to use the recipes from meta-boot2qt but there is no recipe for at91 based board in this layer and bitbake does not even run if I let this layer in my conf.

Did someone try to create SDK for windows ? Is it possible ?
Any hint would be appreciated !