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SAMA5D27_SOM1_EK1 - [OpenWRT] board power consumption

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 2:43 pm
by Api13
Hi Guys

Are there any numbers about the whole board power consumption ? with Ethernet connected ?

My global evaluation board power consumption is around 1W in idle (USB powered, ethernet connected, only SD card with boot/OS plugged in), and 0.4/0.5w in "mem" mode.

I would have expected less in low power mode (more like 150mW or less). Of course, the board needs significantly higher power than the module alone, but is this expected behavior for the evaluation board ? if not, what do you measure on your side ?

We would like to use the Ev. Kit in a low power application, and would like to understand if we have any chance to go in the ~100mW range ?

Thank you very much for your help