Problem withusb_masstorage example

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Problem withusb_masstorage example

Fri Aug 07, 2015 2:09 pm


I just compiled/programmed the usb_masstorage example from softpack 1.4 for the SAMV71 xplained ultra (SAMV71Q21) eval board and it does not work as expexted:
When I connect the board to the PC host, I see two drives:
Internal ram disk (128kByte) works fine.
File system on SD-Card does not work correctly. I see the content of the SD-card, but when I try to access one of the files or try to copy a file to the sd-card Windows has problems to access the files (no response any more)

I also compiled a similar mass storage example from Keil/ARM using µVision/Realview, and use the same SD-Card. With their example access to the SD-card via USB works as expected.

Are there any known issues?

Im'm not very familiar with Atmel studio. I installed ASF V3.25.0.1379. Do I have to set a reference to this ASF version before I compile a project, or is everything included in the project?

Thank you.

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