How to set GPNVM bit 8 in Atmel Studio 7 + Atmel ICE (SWD)?

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How to set GPNVM bit 8 in Atmel Studio 7 + Atmel ICE (SWD)?

Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:12 am

Hi guys!

I am using a SAM S70 on my own PCB and SWD as debug port. I may need to use TCM memory (128k) in my application but using Atmel Studio 7 and Atmel ICE, I am not able to access (set) the GPNVM bit 8. There is only a single byte that I can change in the Device Programming dialog, its bits 0 to 7. Bits 8:7 would configure TCM for me.
How to solve this? Should I use the EEFC to set them from software and do/wait for a reboot? (Is hw reset required?)

The MCU is very effective, I liked it if such tiny problems won't pop up with the dev.env. or something. My 2nd problem is that I can't capture the ITM (SWO pin) with the Atmel ICE or AS7. I would need only bytes, not even a formatted data/diagram...

My project is pure C/C++, no ASF and so.

Thanks in advance if someone could help!

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