ATSAMS7 Command line programming via USB

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ATSAMS7 Command line programming via USB

Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:29 pm

Processor: ATSAMS70Q19A
SAM-BA version: 3.1.3

Any idea's why this happens ?

It's present in "device-manager"...

I Erase it ...
I Reset it ...

When i try to Program the uCtrl using the SAM-BA command line (via USB) i get this error:

C:\Temp\sam-ba_3.1.3-win32\sam-ba_3.1.3>sam-ba.exe -x Test.qml
Opening serial port 'COM6'
Connection opened.
C:/Temp/sam-ba_3.1.3-win32/sam-ba_3.1.3/qml/SAMBA/Applet.qml:112: Error: Could not initialize applet lowlevel (status: undefined)
Connection closed.

Test.qml: (modified example file from the installation)

import SAMBA 3.1
import SAMBA.Connection.Serial 3.1
import SAMBA.Device.SAMV7 3.1

AppletLoader {
connection: SerialConnection { }

device: SAMV7 { }

onConnectionOpened: {
// load/init lowlevel applet

// load/init flash applet

// erase all flash

// flash program
appletWrite(0, "mw-ctrl.bin")

// set GPNVM1 (boot from flash)
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Re: ATSAMS7 Command line programming via USB

Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:47 am

Perhaps try the 3.2.0 release from Github:

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