Basic-emac-lwip-project on at91sam9xe-ek

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Basic-emac-lwip-project on at91sam9xe-ek

Tue May 26, 2015 8:24 am


I'm trying to use SNMP protocol in my device. Unfortunately there is not enough memory for Linux/RTOS/etc. so I decided to take basic-emac-lwip-project from the CD provided with at91sam9xe-ek to begin.

After creating a project in EWARM 5.4, making some settings and bug fixing the compilator returned me the following errors:
- Identifier FILE is undefined (in dbgu.h and stdio.h);
- Identifier "using" is undefined (in stdarg.h);
- Identifier "stdout" is undefined (in dbgu.c);
- Identifier "stderr" is undefined (in dbgu.c).

Would you please help me understand what's going wrong? Did anybody have such experience? I'll be glad to receive your advices.
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Re: Basic-emac-lwip-project on at91sam9xe-ek

Tue Jul 28, 2015 4:25 am

I decided to implement SNMP agent on my board. There are at least three ways how to do it:
- embedded agent;
- embedded RTOS;
- their combination.

I've found a comparison table of RTOS ( and set requirements for them:
- EWARM 5.x and at91sam9xe-ek support;
- don't require additional utilities;
- SNMPv2 and RTP support;
- minimum memory requirements;
- free;
- popular among developers.

The most suitable variants for me are Fusion RTOS and (uC/OS-II + NexGenSNMP) combination.

What is the best way - embedded agent, embedded RTOS or their combination? Did anybody have similar experience? I'll be glad to receive your advice.

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