SAMD21 with AT86RF233 Amplified ZigBit Xplained Pro

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SAMD21 with AT86RF233 Amplified ZigBit Xplained Pro

Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:25 pm

Hi All,

I am trying to program the AT86RF233 Amplified ZigBit extension and SAMD21 Xplained PRO boards one as initiator and the other as a reflector in stand alone mode.

I am following the document from the Atmel site : ... -Guide.pdf

The steps followed is below:

1. Downloaded the Atmel studio 7
2. Connected the usb to the PC from the debug port of the SAMD21 board ( Zigbit is also mounted on the board)
3. Downloaded the Performance analyzer firmware.
4. When I try to update the serial bridge hex file, there is no file for SAMD21, only I find the following files, I tried flashing all the below files one by one in 3 iterations

5. The comport is detected as COM4
6. I tried to download the f/w for extension board from serial bootloader tool, but I am not seeing the COM port as an option.
7. went ahead and started the Performance analyzer but getting a Timeout error, unable to connect.

Following are my questions:
1. Can we use SAMD21 and Amplified Zigbit to measure the ranging ?
2. Can we use the amplified Zigbit as a stand alone unit as reflector? Do I need to programm any f/w on it?
3. Do Atmel have an example app for range measurements? If so please help me in finding the right one.

Please help me in bringing up the board to use.
Thanks in advance.

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