beginner SAMD21 Xplained board _my first critical situation

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beginner SAMD21 Xplained board _my first critical situation

Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:27 pm


i have bought the SAMD21 Xplained board with Extension BNO055, Well i have no idea how to process my Project! i want to communicate to the sensor and read the data and the Features of the sensor using the SAMD21J18A microcontroller, this sensor communicate with I²C and i want to write my own Programm or have you other opinion to me? ( that i should use ASF for instance)well i think using ASF could be a Little difficult for me that i am not familiar with c++ programming and that s already full with functions and structures !! On the other Hand i have always wrote my own Programm for avr cpu with c or Assembler and i have explored twi communication, uart ...

today i have got the boards and i have wrote at first a Programm for blinking the onboard LED so that i have used Registers used for configuration of Pins... Well my first step to discover Cortex M0+ processor

Also i have tried to start writing my own functions in order to communicate with the sensor (I2C write), unfortnately i can not even find the Register CTRLA for instance!! in file i2s.h i can not recognize all those structures! Have any expert here an advise for me? can you guide me through the first steps to do?

I think that writing my own Programm is always more suitable for me (as purpose for more learning and discovering) Can you please help me!!!

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