Emulating At91sam9261

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Emulating At91sam9261

Mon Oct 24, 2016 1:10 pm


I am now emulating the At91sam9261 board in QEMU on the basis of Filip Navara's QEMU tree, http://repo.or.cz/w/qemu/navara.git, and Evgeniy Dushistov's git repository, https://github.com/Dushistov/qemu_at91sam9263.

But I cannot verify the functionalities of these two implementations now since QEMU's source code updates too frequently. Though I have updated their codes and compiled with the latest QEMU, version 2.7.1, I didn't find any methods to debug the functionalities.

I try to use the Atmel software packages, D:\at91sam9261_test\at91sam9261-ek\index.html, to test my emulated machine model in QEMU. However, the user guide for the packages is too limited for me to use them.

I am thinking that I need to first compile the necessary packages with the emulator, qemu. But i have no idea about how to start.

Does any senior have such experience? Please help. This is the starting point of my master thesis. Because of the emulation problem, i cannot proceed the project now. Really sad.

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