License for flash debugging using SAM-ICE?

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License for flash debugging using SAM-ICE?

Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:09 am

I am getting started with the AT91SAM7S and try to get familiar with GNU/Eclipse for this. I followed Atmel's application note "GNU-Based Software Development on AT91SAM
Microcontrollers" (doc6310) to set up all the components.
This document is clearly not up to date, so it took a bit of try/error until I finally got the "getting-started" project to compile. When I tried to load it to my flash I got an error from the GDB server stating that I don't have a license for that feature...
However, in the Atmel application note it states:

"GDB Server is a commercial package; however, Atmel has acquired the licence for its SAM-ICE
emulator. Thus, it can be used without restriction when using a SAM-ICE probe and an AT91

Is the document wrong, or can I request a license key from Atmel somewhere?


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