Start Program from absolute address

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Start Program from absolute address

Thu Jun 18, 2009 2:29 pm

Dear All,

I have AT91sam7A3, in the flash are 2 programs. First one is "Loader", second is "Prog.". I need to execute "Prog." from "Loader". Linked by IAR compiler 5.11.

Loader starts at 0-0x77ff absolute address
Prog starts at 0x7800 to 0x25000 absolute address

Loader call virtual function placed in starting address of Prog. void __RJK_start()@("0x7800"){};
In debugger I saw jump to starting address of Prog - 0x7800 absolute address.
after second program goes to __swi_handler: exception.
Both programs are compiled in ARM mode.

Can anyone help?
Regards, David.

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